Monday, 25 September 2017

Zimo's Fairytale


Once there was a beautiful princess. One day she decided to have a walk. She hopped and she bopped ….  Finally, she came to a place that was as beautiful as her.
“Oh”, she said. There is a lake. I’ll go for a swim”. And she did! But when she came out she wasn’t at the place she was. The place she was at was called Dark Forest! She was shivering and she was scared and it was dark and spooky. She thought it must be night time. She saw some dark shadows and she run as fast as she could and hid behind a big rock, but ….   The shadows were coming closer. 
She closed her eyes but … the person was the King and his Knight.
The King said, “Come with me and I’ll take you back to the castle”.
The Princess said, “OK.” They went in the carriage and the Princess returned home to her kingdom and lived happily ever after.

Author: Zimo

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