Monday, 25 September 2017

Cassie's Fairytale

The Beautiful Princess

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful princess who loved playing by a lake. She went once again to the lake and this time she saw her best friend.
Suddenly, something separated them, it was something invisible. They tried to get together but they never saw each other again.
The princess landed in a rainforest. Her best friend landed by a very, very, very, very deep ocean. The two friends go up separately and they started walking.
The princess bumped into a tall, tall wall. She pressed her ear against the wall and she heard her friend. Quickly, she thought for a moment, the she saw a rope and swung it over the wall. Then, she felt a tug on the rope. Slowly, the rope lifted up and she saw her friend. She quickly jumped around and she and her friend lived happily ever after.

Author: Cassie

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  1. Cassie you seem like a brilliant author I hope to see other stories later on great job!