Monday, 25 September 2017

 Room 22 have been writing imaginative stories, using Roll-A-Story to create a plan. The students rolled a dice to select three different aspects - character, setting and problem.  Then they wrote their very own tale, using descriptive language. They also had to find a solution to the problem.

One day a two-headed monster lived inside a hidden cave. Then a man came inside and he made a potion! Then the two-headed monster ..... DRANK IT!  He started to look wacky and he lost his memory!!!  The two-headed monster was shocked and he was a nice monster. The man did not apologise to the monster. he had made the potion on purpose and he was mischievous. All the time the monster said, "How dare you! You'll be vanished in a scary forest." The man said, "Ha! You can't vanish me in a scary forest." Then the monster replied, "I CAN!!!!  I am a magician and I can pull a rabbit out of a hat".  After that, the two-headed monster said, "Abrakadabra! I will teleport you to a scary forest. Alakazam! That's what you get HaHaHaHaHa." The the two-headed monster found a wizard. The wizard waved his wand and he brought his memory back!!! Then the monster said, "Thank you so much!" The wizard said, "You're welcome". After that the two-headed monster slept in his hidden cave happily ever after.

Author: Matthew

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